Foldable Lifter LPT250

  • The foldable lifter LP250 adapts itself to all kind of grounds.
  • It allows handLing of standard format pallets (120x80cm)
  • The foldable lifter can be loaded in a utility vehicle; the forks and the stringers are easily removable;no tools are necessary.
  • In compliance with the machine Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • The Foldable lifter could be used for following industries:
  • Car Manufacturer
  • Transport and Haulage
  • Warehousing
  • Exhibitions
  • Logistics
  • Furniture


i-ang-ang No.1510902
Kapasidadkg (lb.)250(550)
Gitas-on sa kakhamm (sa.)1150X70X50(45.3X2.8X2)
Max.Kataas nga Pagtrabahomm (sa.)950(37.4)
Min.Kataas nga Pagtrabahomm (sa.)70(2.8)
Adjustable Fork Width (inside width)mm (sa.)20-400(0.8-15.7)
Adjustable Fork Width (outside width)mm (sa.)160-540(6.3-21.2)
Front Wheelmm (sa.)200(8)
Rear Wheelmm (sa.)200(8)
Inside distance between stringersmm (sa.)850(33.5)
Kinatibuk-ang Dimensyonmm (sa.)1700X1100X1400(67X43.3X55.1)
Timbang nga Netkg (lb.)107(235.4)